Weight and Balance Software

Smart weight & balance solution for airlines,
ground handling agents and pilots
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Digital LI/R

Mobile solution to manage flawless communication between Load Controller and Ramp Agent allowing simple and efficient reconciliation of bulk and containerized payload in real-time.

Mobile / Seamless Communication / Paperless process / In place Trim Validation / Up to date Loading Instructions

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For Passenger Airline

The optimal Weight & Balance solution for your Navitaire Go Now (New Skies) DCS

60 seconds loadsheet / Open to integrations with external data sources / Online & Offline / 1 Hour training

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For Cargo Airline

Smart Weight & Balance solution for Cargo Airlines, Ground Handling agents and Loadmasters

Seamless Process & Updates / Individual Aircraft Configuration / Visual & Interactive load distribution

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Load control process

Intuitive user interface

Implementation is adapted to the airline proprietary ground handling procedure; only what is required is visible

IATA standard

Loadsheet, LIR, LDM, CPM and UCM compliant with the IATA (The International Air Transport Association) standards

AHM560/565 Database and User Management

Evionica will maintain a centralized fleet database, as well as users' training and access for you.

Offline and Online

Calculate load distribution in remote locations (with no internet connection)

Fuel efficiency

Operate with the optimum position of the center of gravity and save tons of fuel per year.

EFB ready

The application is available on Electronic Flight Bag for cockpit devices. It can be integrated with external applications such as performance or DCS

System integration

Flight schedule

Automatically populate flights list connecting your (third-party) flight planning solution (e.g., AIMS)

DCS import

Automatically pull data on passengers (i.e., numbers and seating) and Bag weight/Pieces (e.g., Navitaire Go Now / New Skies)

Cargo Payload/Manifest import

Integration with a third-party Cargo system providing payload details or UWS/NTM processing as alternative

Fuel Decision on EFB

Enable your PIC to confirm final fuel figures on an EFB

Loadsheet acceptance on EFB

Enable PIC (Pilot in Command) to view, accept and reject the loadsheet on an EFB

Performance Software

Exchange weight and takeoff and landing limitations


Cloud-based, centralized database

Common data formats, no need for data consolidation or ETL (extract transpose load); facilitates advanced data analytics, allows for simple data export to 3rd party systems

24/7 support, email and phone

Single point of contact and centralized IT support reduces downtime, while cloudbased solution facilitates rapid deployment of fixes or workarounds across all network

Narrow & wide body compatible

The system supports narrowbody aircraft such- as ATR, Embraer, Boeing 737 and Airbus 320 as well as widebody aircraft like for example- Boeing 787, MD11 and Airbus 340


Use the app on any device equipped with a modern Internet browsers (iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS support.)

Offline mode

If you have lagging connectivity at the airport you can still perform all the computations in offline mode. Already created Loadsheets will be transferred to the cloud during the next internet connection


Your W&B solution is covered by our Support Center ready to help support.wb@evionica.com

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