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Smart weight & balance solution for airlines,
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Cloud Application

The application for airlines and handling agents having online access from everywhere

EFB solution

Application for mobile devices and Electronic Flight Bag computers


IATA standard

Creation of Loadsheet, LIR, LDM and CPM compliant with the IATA (The International Air Transport Association) requirements

AHM560 updates

The database is updated 24/7 or on request.

Narrow & wide body

The system supports narrow‑body aircrafts such as ATR, ERJ, B737 and A320 as well as wide‑body aircrafts like for example B787 and A340

Fuel efficiency

Operate with the optimum position of the center of gravity and save tons of fuel per year.

W&B Cloud

Online access to all documents, user accounts and aircraft databases.

EFB ready

The application is available on Electronic Flight Bag for cockpit devices. It can be integrated with external applications such as performance or DCS.

Intuitive user interface

In collaboration with commercial pilots we identified and reduced the amount of interactions to create a Loadsheet.

Offline mode

If you do not have connectivity at the airport the application automatically switches to offline mode. Already created Loadsheets will be transferred to the cloud during the next internet connection.


Use the app on any device with the operating system IOS, Android, Windows and also with Internet browsers.


Your W&B solution is covered by our Support Center ready to help support.wb@evionica.com

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