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CAMO work improvement

1-click aircraft status

Automated detailed aircraft status available with history

Paperless workflow

WO, CRS, MS and ATL in digital versions

Aircraft templates

“Copy and paste” new aircraft with predefined templates


Documents templates

Your documentation can be adjusted to your business layouts


We customize the system to your business processes

Automatic documents

Our team can support you with adding documents into the system

Easy start


Evionica Team will efficiently implement solution in your Flight School


Your data from other solution will be safely imported

Online training

We will train you flight school administrator and show how to automate business processes

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Most advanced CAMO system on the market

Daily work

  • Detailed aircraft status
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Management of WO, CRS, MS, ATL
  • Components management


  • Aircraft templates
  • Advanced user-roles
  • Service bulletins


  • Adjustable documents templates
  • Multiple language versions
  • API and integration (ATO, accounting ect.)


  • CAA and EASA compliant
  • GDPR compliant
  • Backup and encryption


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