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Streamline administrative processes. Save time. Go paperless. Digitize your flight school and increase your revenue with our best in class, cloud-based ATO software.
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Find out how aviation companies benefit from working with Evionica

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How else can your flight school benefit from using Evionica’s flight school management software? A wide range of features is available to bring administrative work to the minimum and manage your staff, fleet, and students at maximum efficiency.


Successfully and efficiently manage your flight school with integrated online payments, in-system invoicing, automated training planning, and many more custom integrations. Our ATO software also seamlessly integrates with the Evionica CAMO.


Evionica is a certified ATO under EASA regulations. We keep your data safe with daily backups, SSL encryption, and strict security policies. We make sure that it is impossible to export sensitive business information from the system, further protecting you from data leaks.


Make our software work for your business. Create new users and define advanced user roles, pick and choose integrations, generate and download custom reports in PDF or Excel files. White label reporting is available.

More features…

Daily operations

  • Scheduling and planning of flights, simulator sessions, and theory classrooms
  • Pilot training monitoring (electronic pilot log)
  • Electronic flight log
  • In-system e-learning platform
  • Safety management system reports
  • Smart booking
  • Advanced user roles (flight administrator, CFI, payment administrator, operation manager, and more)

Business and data management

  • Finance and pricing module (group, individual, and package pricing)
  • Compliance monitoring (e.g. automated certification expiry reminders via e-mail and SMS)
  • Integrations with Evionica CAMO, InvoiceOcean, and others
  • Advanced reporting (flight statistics by aircraft type, day, or instructor; training progress reports)
  • Document management (upload of students’ documents, automated internal document transfer)
  • In-system management of agreements and declarations (electronic signature)

Glider Airport

  • Offline application
  • One-touch multiple glider flight logger
  • ATO integration (automated transfer of relevant data: fleet, system roles, training progress, account balance, pricing)


  • CAA and EASA compliance
  • GDPR compliance
  • Daily data backup
  • Data encryption (SSL certified)


  • Customizable document templates
  • Multiple language versions available
  • API and multiple integrations (CAMO, InvoiceOcean, integrated payments, and more)

Coming soon

  • Automated planning (select a student and training type, and the system will plan their training for you)
  • Flight simulator time tracking and access management
  • In-system flight tracking

Find out how aviation companies benefit from working with Evionica

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General Questions

Who do you work with?
We work with global training organizations like Lufthansa Aviation Training, KLM, the Finnish Aviation Academy as well as small and medium-sized training organizations. You can see what our clients say about us here.
How big you are?
Our team currently consists of more than 100 people working on aviation systems and CBT.
Do you offer 24/7 support?
Our support is available Monday to Friday, 09:00 am till 5:00 pm.
What are your areas of expertise?
Aviation Software and E-Learning are at the core of our business. Our team consists of Developers, Aeronautical Engineers, and Pilots.
What services do you provide?
We provide a Flight Training System and CBT/E-Learning.
How many customers do you have?
We currently have over 120 customers


Do you have an app?
We have an application for mobile phones and tablets.
What type of customizations/integrations do you offer and how long does implementation take?
Smart Planner (Automated training planning in a simulator center), the Contracts and Agreements module, an integration with our CAMO Tool, Invoice Ocean, and ERP provider Enova. Integrations and customizations vary depending on your requirements and our available resources.
Does your system manage simulators as well?
Our system efficiently manages flight simulators in the Smart Planner Module
Can I manage more than one base/location?
You can, either in one system environment or in separate, location-specific system environments.
Can students pay via PayPal?
Yes, we have a payment integration.
Can we define user roles in the system?
Additionally to the default roles that you can find here, there is a possibility to add new roles to the system.
Can reports be exported in PDF or Excel files?
Yes, you can export your reports as PDF and Excel files.
Are you certified?
We are an ATO under EASA regulations as well as our customer approved our system under their local Civil Aviation Authority.
Do you provide onsite training?
Yes, we provide both onsite and online training.
Where are your servers located?
Our server providers are OVH and Hetzner. Servers are located in two independent locations, allowing 99,9% uptime.
What is your backup policy?
There are daily backups in line with our data security policy.
How long does it take to implement your system?
Standard implementation takes 2 weeks if you provide us with all the requested data in a proper time frame.
What does transition from anothother system look like?
You provide us with access details or databases for analysis. We then migrate the data and records, and hand over a ready-to-use system environment with all your data.
Are you compliant with EASA regulations?
What is your cancellation policy?
Contracts are for 1 year. If you wish to stop using our system, submit a termination notice no later than 30 days before your contract ends.
During the transition, how will past data be secured?
Your historic data will be moved to our system. Backups are performed daily.
Are you certified?
We are an ATO under EASA regulations as well as our customer approved our system under their local Civil Aviation Authority.
Can the system be on our server?
No, the system is available on our server only.
How is your ATO system integrated with CAMO?
The integration works both ways. Flight data can be transferred to CAMO and MS validity can be seen in ATO.
Can we brand the system with our logo?
Yes, you can use your logo within the system.
How will we train our instructors on a new system if they don’t have time?
We arrange online training with the staff that is available and can (upon your approval) make a video recording that can be shared with the other instructors. Additionally, we also have an online guide.