System for the management of an aeronautical training center ATO and supporting work for maintaining airworthiness CAMO.

Evionica ATO

Management system for an aviation training center

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Electronic flight log book (standard EASA)


Financial management and automated billing to customers


Advanced system for flight planning and booking


Defined training programs, progress of training and exams


Question database and management of test results


Defineable and extended price models

Flight orders

Creation of orders that are integrated to the reservation system


Documents and compilation based on individual templates

User roles

Individual user accounts for pilots, instructors, Head of Training, administrators and others

Flight permissions

Administration of licenses, authorizations and flight medical examinations


Automatic summary of flights on an annual, monthly or weekly basis


Integration of the system for the maintenance of airworthiness

Evionica CAMO

System for supporting work to maintain airworthiness

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  • Compliance to the requirements of the EASA
  • Generation of the current aircraft status
  • Calculatiion of the next maintenance date
  • Service Intervals in: flight hours, operating hours, cycles, count of towings taking into consideration calendar restrictions and defined tolerances
  • Independent counting of the operating time of the aircraft and components
  • Possibility of component removal and installation takinginto account component history
  • Document creation: WO, CRS, MS, PDT
  • Management of Airworthiness Directives and Service Bulletins
  • Management of components having limited lifetime
  • Administration of the most important component repairs that takes place at certain intervals
  • Possibility of integrating the system for the management of an aeronautical training center ATO
  • Access via. internet from every computer and mobile device
  • Encrypted connection and automatic backup

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