Product Manager


Here, sitting comfortably in an armchair in front two monitors, you can create products and functionalities of our application, which increase the safety of a million passengers around the world, have a positive impact on the environment, and allow others to fulfil their dreams of being a pilot. If Maveric from Top Gun had apps that you would develop and improve, he wouldn’t have crashed a 20 million dollar F-14 Tomcat.

What challenges you can expect:

  • Developing and increasing the value of the product: creating products from scratch, as well as improving other applications that we offer together with Developers,
  • Managing product backlog – full responsibility for what will be happening in the upcoming weeks and months, but also setting priorities for the team,
  • Identifying goals and indicators to determine the value of the product,
  • Managing the product roadmap plan based on users’ requirements
  • Transferring user’s needs into tasks for the development team, prioritizing them, and monitoring work progress,
  • Analyzing business results and making decisions based on them,
  • Finding solutions and solving problems in response to users’ needs,
  • Building positive relationships in the team to achieve efficiency, but also motivated team of airplane freaks.

What experience and skills will make you a great candidate for this position?

  • Experience in product management – from concept idea to launching the final product (SaaS, B2B products, web app/mobile),
  • Goal orientation attitude – you love challenges, but also feel enormous satisfaction when you can finish tasks or see the result of your actions,
  • An open mind – you like to solve problems, but also have a lot of fun looking for new solutions,
  • Fundamentals of engineering knowledge – you know technical issues related to software development, and you communicate very well with developers,
  • Leadership skills – you can communicate your vision to others and inspire them to act.

Things you will get when you jump on board:

  • Young and engaged team of people that love flying. Every day we develop the best possible training and operations solution for pilots around the world.
  • It’s up to you. We have flexible working time – you can find hours that suit you best.
  • Your off time is important to us. Gym or Spotify – you count on our support. Medical packages we also have.
  • We value your knowledge and experience, and your knowledge and experience are valuable to us. Let’s share.

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