How Flight Instructor’s competencies can improve students training

The role of the flight instructor in aviation training is crucial for future pilots. The instructor’s knowledge, expertise, and experience shape students training and pilot skills. The new approach to pilot training helps students master the knowledge and gain experience before their first flight training.
LATERAL IMBALANCE blog post Evionica

Lateral Imbalance

The lateral balance aims to keep quite even distribution of mass loaded on the LEFT and RIGHT aisle of the aircraft. It is crucial for wide-body aircraft which can accommodate ULDs loaded side-by-side in two lines on both Main and Lower Decks.

Master the pre-flight check with our new 3D experience

Evionica’s e-learning pilot courses contain many interactive elements, including slides, animations, 2D and 3D graphics, and videos. Evionica's experts continuously improve our aviation courses by adding new elements and methods of presenting knowledge.
preliminary loadsheet for airlines

What Preliminary Loadsheet is for?

When creating a Loadsheet document using Evionica Weight and Balance software, on the "Loadsheet" step one can choose between the Final and Preliminary designation of each revision - each revision saved can be either Preliminary or Final.

Pilot core competencies to become an airline pilot

Being a pilot is a responsibility for people’s lives and operating aircraft, that is why these technical and non-technical competencies should be mastered on the highest level and then deeply assessed.
Weight and Balance offline mode

Weight and Balance offline mode

Why offline mode is such a big deal for cargo airlines? What exactly does it mean ,,works offline''? And what are the limitations and risks of offline operations?

Courses for pilots created with a client-centered approach

Evionica’s approach to creating CBT courses is client-centered and focuses on clients’ feedback. Our aviation experts not only build modules while abiding by EASA and other respective authority’s rules and regulations but also to accommodate client preferences.