From the beginning of this project we have been aiming to develop the best CBT on the market for one of the most popular aircraft – Airbus A320. Now you can profit from what has been done and you will receive

  • Comprehensive educational knowledge
  • 2020 didactic and design standard
  • Training progress monitoring
  • Predefined & editable exams
  • Animated 3D models and graphics

The Airbus A320 CBT is ready and you receive a 30% launch discount till August 2020 (with limit for pre-order set to 200 licenses in total).

Quick Facts about our CBT Aviation Course

  • Duration: 40 Hours
  • Engine Types: IAE or CFM
  • 24 chapters
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • LMS Account Management
  • Create new accounts 24/7 365
  • Training Progress Reports
  • Exam

You can try our Airbus A320 CBT demo for free – click on the button to get the free demo.

What our Tester say?

“We are really liking it and will use the CBT for LVL320

Cliff Cop, Accountable Manager, Skywings / LVL320

“The best CBT I ever tested”

A320 Pilot – Middle East


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